Why Mold Testing Should Always Be Performed By a Certified Inspector

Mold TestingAlthough collecting samples of mold might be less expensive than hiring a mold testing professional, you will not be able to get samples from every location where this dangerous fungus is growing.

A mold inspector is aware of all the current practices and guidelines for testing, including mold that may be hidden deep inside walls, in attics, or in basements. Because it is so important to ensure that mold is not left to develop naturally, only an inspector can determine if the level inside your home exceeds the norm.

If you have previously had your home inspected for mold, you may be legally required to produce the results if you want to sell it. In addition to preparing a home for sale, there are other reasons to contact a mold testing specialist:

  • Discolored or stained ceilings or walls
  • A musty, moldy odor, especially during warm weather or after heavy rainfall
  • Siding that has not been well-maintained
  • Leaking windows
  • Evidence of chronic leaks

A qualified mold testing inspector will come and examine many areas in your home, including the attic, basement, ceilings, walls, carpet, rugs, and the air. If an excessive amount is identified, you will probably need to call in a mold remediation team to have it safely and completely removed.

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