Water Damage Restoration: Some Very Important Dos and Don’ts

Water Damage RestorationFlooding can absolutely devastate a property, and water damage restoration is often a complicated, long process. There are some key things that homeowners should, and should not, do following an escape of water, or a flood, to help make the cleanup procedure go smoothly.


  • Make sure that the source of water (the water main, for example) is switched off. This will prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Open up all the windows. This will provide ventilation to speed up repair work. A professional won’t begin repairs until everything is dry.
  • Clean up residual water from surfaces to ensure secondary damage is prevented. This will also make an important contribution in minimizing subsequent water damage restoration work.
  • Blow cold air (from a fan or some other source) through the damaged area. However, be sure that the device isn’t powered through any electrical current that may have been affected.


  • Apply direct heat to the affected area – this may damage the contents.
  • Use bleach or cleaning solutions. If mixed with flood water, they can cause secondary damage.
  • Try to remove, or lift up, any damaged carpet. This is a job for water damage restoration experts only. They have special equipment to perform the job effectively and safely.

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