How to Minimize the Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

Damage RestorationIn the terrible event of a fire, homeowners are often keen to rush in themselves, salvage what they can, and then get builders to rectify the structural damage. Under the circumstances, this is an understandable reaction, but experience shows that it is much more efficient and economical to call on professional fire damage restoration services to clean up.

Before anyone, including homeowners and even damage restoration workers, enters a burnt area, it is absolutely vital that they have received the all-clear from the firefighters at the scene because there may still be burning cinders that aren’t completely extinguished. At any moment, these could reignite, especially after a gust of wind.

A fire-damaged home can be a very hazardous and dangerous place to be, because of:

  • The presence of toxic fumes and smoke in the air
  • The building structure being weakened
  • The possibility that the damaged roof could collapse

Cleaning up can be a costly, tedious and long procedure. It can easily become even more expensive if you don’t use fire damage restoration specialists who have the right equipment and training to minimize secondary damage. This can ultimately save homeowners, and insurance companies, the expense of having to replace items that may have been salvageable.

At Service Master ERS, we are a local family-owned and operated company with more than 60 years of experience in the residential & commercial disaster restoration industry. We’re here to serve your family and your community.

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