Water Damage Restoration, Newton, NC

No matter the size of the water damage catastrophe you are dealing with in Newton, NC, our water damage restoration experts can deal with it

Water Damage Restoration in Newton NC

Water damage is an impartial catastrophe. It strikes both commercial and residential properties and causes similar problems in both. When left untreated, water damage can lead to costly repairs in home and business fixtures, furnishings and equipment. If dealt with improperly, it can also lead to unintended health issues—such as allergy symptoms or asthma. That’s why, when water damage occurs, you need our water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster ERS.

No matter the size of the water damage catastrophe you are dealing with, our water damage restoration experts can deal with it. We offer 24-hour emergency service, so no matter what time disaster strikes, we are available to assist you in remedying the situation. Once you contact us, we will be on our way to your Newton, North Carolina home or business quickly in order to reduce the amount of damage to your property and belongings.

In order to ensure your satisfaction, we use cutting-edge techniques, products and equipment. We also follow a six-step process in order to thoroughly diagnose and restore your property. This six-step process includes:

  1. Inspection and assessment of damaged areas
  2. Removal of excess water
  3. Application of an anti-microbial solution
  4. Thorough drying of the area
  5. Dehumidification of the area
  6. Continued monitoring of the area to ensure effective drying

At ServiceMaster ERS, we know that swift water damage restoration is important for your home or business. We are also able to work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth resolution to the issue. We service Catawba and Watauga Counties and are glad to assist you any time, night or day. Give us a call today and let us ease any concerns you have about water damage.



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