Water Damage Restoration, Hickory, NC

We are here to make the water damage restoration process in Hickory, NC as easy on you as possible.

Water Damage Restoration, Hickory, NCWhen left to its own devices, water can cause severe structural damage and harm to personal belongings and valuable business equipment. Plus, if the moisture is allowed to sit long enough, mold problems can develop. For these reasons, it’s so important you have a trusted water damage restoration professional on your side who can help you out in the event of an emergency.

This is where our team at ServiceMaster ERS comes in. We provide water damage restoration services to both homes and businesses in the Hickory, North Carolina area. These services are complemented by quick response times, efficient processes, and innovative technology.

On every water damage restoration project we work on, we start off the process by assessing the amount of damage that was incurred. Then, we come up with a plan of action that will successfully eliminate all of the water and dry out any remaining moisture. Once we get to work, we don’t stop at anything to make sure the damage is limited and the affected area is thoroughly and completely dried out. We’ll also finish things off by dehumidifying the area, so the risk of mold growth is minimized.

We realize how stressful dealing with water damage can be and are here to make the water damage restoration process as easy on you as possible. To find out more about our restoration services and what we’ll do to protect your property, get in touch with us at ServiceMaster ERS today.


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